Nov 9, 2018

 12.00 noon - 1.00 pm

 CMRU School of Legal Studies Campus

Event Type: Cocurricular

Open to: All Students

Organized by: School of Legal Studies


The Social Impact club of the School of Legal Studies, CMR University, organized the National Legal Awareness day celebration on 9th of November, 2018 in the Basket Ball court, CMRU School of Legal Studies, CMR University, between 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm
Rrespected Dean, Vice principal and all faculties were present on the occassion, a team of students from the theatre club performed a street play to create the legal awareness on mental asylums, honor killing, equality and feminism. In conclusion the students of the Social Impact Club, distributed pamphlets, promoting legal awareness to students of other institutions and to the general public.