Chancellor's Message

CMR Jnanadhara Trust has been set up with sound fundamentals and foundations. The dedicated services of the Trust to the community for more than a decade has nurtured various educational institutions.

The CMR Group of Institutions, which comprises more than a dozen sister concerns, has been built on the conviction of encouraging people to strive for the best and achieve new heights in progress and development. At CMR University School of Legal Studies, we consciously see the need for bringing about a reform in legal education by emphasising the need to bring in creative teaching methodology as we cater to the fortification of nation-building. I wish the principal, staff and students of School of Legal Studies great success and hope that we achieve more together, in the future.

Dr. K. C. Sabitha Ramamurthy
Hon’ble Chancellor, CMR University &
President, CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Dean's Message

Prof. (Dr.) T. R. Subramanya

The CMR school of legal studies is the flagship of research and legal education.The success of the institution depends on it’s continued ability to attract the best legal minds and to provide attractive research platform, to meet the trends of a global society. The institution aims to produce impressive legal professionals with excellence.

We have fine academic programs, the curriculum is tailored to ensure that one has substantive knowledge, skills and ethics essential for social justice and social welfare. Our committed academic faculty, supported by effective administrative staff and vibrant students facilitate a conducive atmosphere for learning.

We want our students to develop research capabilities required for self supporting careers. Research can be a tedious exercise, in order to develop an yearning for research CMR has unique lecture programs featuring the finest scholars and legal minds from various disciplines. In order to become an effective lawyer in today’s complex and dynamic world, our graduates need to be prepared to solve the complex problems in society not only in law but also in business, global affairs, public policy, etc.Keeping this in mind we have leading edge courses in areas such as Water and Space laws, Environmental law, Intellectual Property Laws, Information technology laws etc.

The reputation of the institution provides strong support and opportunities for collaboration. We at CMR from the inception are in pursuit of excellence and in command of academic advancement.It has a distinctive environment for students in pursuit of their potentials.

Prof. Dr. T.R. Subramanya. MPhil & PhD (JNU)
Dean, School of Legal Studies
CMR University


Former Research Fellow and Coordinator
Center for Regulatory Studies, Governance and Public Policy, WBNUJS
Former Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Law University
Former Dean and Chairman, Law Department, Bangalore University
Former Legal Counselor, Kingdom of Bahrain