Ethnic Day online event

Apr 9, 2020

 Full Day

Event Type: Extra Curricular

Organized by: School of Legal Studies

Ethnic Day online event

CMR University, School of Legal Studies organised an online ethnic day on Thursday, 9th April, 2020. The School has always had students from a variety of different backgrounds and therefore, ethnic day is a day when all of them look forward. It’s a day when they enjoy flaunting ethnic wear from their respective backgrounds while soaking in the unity of spirit that emerges from the melting pot of all different cultures and ethnicities. This year, most of the students were crestfallen at the cancellation which was inevitable due to the national lockdown as the scheduled date was April 9th, 2020. This probably added to the sense of despondency that enveloped the country due to the depressing news that kept pouring from all parts of the country. But, when the teachers began conducting online classes, an idea began doing the rounds. Out of disappointment emerged innovation. Why not an online ethnic day? The idea was well received by everyone from the teachers to the dean, the University and the Management. Messages on WhatsApp, emails and other platforms were used to mobilise the maximum number of students to participate in the event.

4.00 PM on the 9th of April, 2020, saw a series of three zoom meetings with a cumulative number of more than 200 students logging in to the meetings, dressed in ethnic wear. Most were overwhelmed at the sight of all the familiar faces, emotion was high and the atmosphere was charged. A couple of games, a few songs by the students were the highlights. They put on a stellar show, egged on by the rest of the students and the teachers. The Registrar,  Dr. R. Praveen put in a brief appearance, to congratulate all the students and faculty. The Dean, Dr. T.R. Subramanya, battling a faulty computer and a weak internet connection, sent his best wishes. All in all, the event was a grand success.

It was, we believe, a chance for all of us at the school to stand up and show the world that all is still well. We will not let the threat of disease and death, push us into despair. We decided that we would be together in spirit, if not in person. After all the spirit of unity that bound us, the spirit oneness that made is celebrate this event with so much pomp and pageantry was something worth fighting for.

We will continue to fight the disease, by practising social distancing, but we will not get bogged down by it. We wish that all of us continue to be vigilant and take care, not to give in to petty desires or urges to move out and about. We will continue to show our support to this great nation by honouring the lockdown. We urge everyone else to do the same…

Stay safe… Stay home… Stay Healthy…

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