CMR Ist National Mediation Competition 2022

Jun 11, 2022 - Jun 12, 2022

 09.00 am - 06.00 pm

 CMRU School of Legal Studies

Event Type: Co Curricular

Open to: All Students of Law College

Organized by: Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution

Contact person: For queries email us at:
Faculty Co-ordinator: Adv. Vidya Selvamony
Student Co-ordinators:
Hariharan - 7259249526
Sampreet Pal - 9113657424
Vaidehi Rastogi - 9535496045
Priyadarshini G - 9994727310
Vishnu Sudarshan P - 7259802626
Shana Stanley - 9048319633

CMR Ist National Mediation Competition 2022

The CMR First National Mediation Competition (CNMC) is a step taken by CMR University, School of Legal Studies – Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution, Bengaluru towards acting as facilitator in increasing the ADR Culture among aspiring students. In the milieu of the backlog of cases reaching its saturation, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation provide an amicable way out.

The competition seeks to provide a prodigious experience that will amplify the interests of young minds in this niche practice of law. The competition will help students brainstorm probable solutions for a near to reality challenges while providing them with the comfort of choosing their roles as per their preferences. It, therefore, tries to break the monotony of theory-based learning and helps students in putting their knowledge and skills to use.

This competition will also provide an opportunity for the participants to develop the requisite lawyering and communication skills through various training sessions conducted by industry professionals. The appealing and ever-growing fields of Law will be selected for this competition to expose the participants to a situation where the interests of clients are multi-fold, often going beyond mere commercial interests. The participants are expected to take a multi-dimensional approach in reaching a settlement, showcasing the variety of fields that can be effectively be dealt with via mediation.


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Registration Fee: The fee for early-bird registration with and without accommodation is Rs. 3500/- and Rs. 3000/- per team, respectively.

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