B.A., LL.B. (Hons) | Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Laws 5 Year Honors Program

About the Programme

The B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) integrated double-degree course combines a Bachelors’ degree course in Arts/Humanities with a Bachelors’ degree course in law. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. While each semester consists of 18 weeks, the duration of the course shall be five of academic years consisting of 10 semesters. The course is being offered at the CMR University School of Legal Studies’ sprawling campus at OMBR layout, Bangalore.

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Candidates should have secured not less than 45% marks in PUC/ HSC / 12th Standard or its equivalent examination from a recognised board for general merit; and 40% in case of SC / ST students.


Programme Structure

Semester I

L10101 General English
L10102 Major I – Political Science – 1
L10103 Major II – Political Science – 2
L10104 Minor I – Sociology – 1
L10105 Contract –I
L10106 Constitutional Law –I

Semester II

L10201 Special English
L10202 Major III – Paper -3 Political Science
L10203 Minor –II Paper–1 Economics-I
L10204 Minor I – Paper- 2 Sociology
L10205 Contract II
L10206 Jurisprudence

Semester III

L10301 Major IV – 4 Political Science
L10302 Minor IV – Economics – 2
L10303 Minor III- Sociology
L10304 Family Law-I
L10305 Constitutional Law-II
L10306 Elective Legal Philosphy and Theory of Justice
L10306 Elective Law and Economics

Semester IV

L10401 Major V-Political Science
L10402 Major VI-Pollitical Science
L10403 Minor- III Economics
L10404 Law of Torts including Consumer Law and MVC Act
L10406 Elective Human Rights Law
L10407 Elective International Trade Economics

Semester V

L10501 Family Law II
L10502 Property Law
L10503 Banking Law
L10504 Company Law
L10505 Elective Comparitive and Consitutional Law
L10506 Elective Corporate Governanace ,Mergers and Acquisitions

Semester VI

L10601 Administrative Law
L10602 Interpretation Of Statutes
L10603 Public International Law
L10604 Labour Law- I
L10605 Elective Legislative Drafting
L10606 Elective Legislative Drafting

Semester VII

L10701 Environmental Law
L10702 Penology and Victimology
L10703 Labour Law- II
L10704 Elective i) Criminal Sociology
L10705 Elective ii) Private International Law
L10706 Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems

Semester VIII

L10801 Code of Civil Procedure
L10802 Criminal Law II
L10803 Media and Law
L10804 Elective i) Women and Criminal Law
L10805 Elective ii) Law of the Sea and International rivers
L10806 Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing

Semester IX

L10901 Law of Evidence
L10902 IPR and Cyber Laws
L10903 Elective i) Criminal Psychology and Forensic Sciences
L10904 Elective ii) Humanitarian and Refugee Law
L10905 Professional Ethics & Accountancy for lawyers

Semester X

L11001 Law of Taxation
L11002 Insurance Law
L11003 Elective i) Comparative Criminal Procedure
L11004 Elective ii) International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court
L11005 Moot Court , Observation of Trial and Client Interviewing