Legal Aid Camp, 2018

Event Type: Co Curricular

Open to: All Students and Citizens of the Hebbagodi Village

Organized by: Social Impact Club

Legal Aid Camp, 2018

A Free Legal Aid Camp was organised by the School of Legal Studies, Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies, CMR University at St. Francis De Sales Degree College, Electronic City, Bengaluru on the 7th of April 2018. The main purpose of this camp was to spread legal awareness and to provide free legal aid for the students of St. Francis De Sales Degree College. The LLM students belonging to both Constitutional and Commercial law branch had actively taken part in conducting this program and they were accompanied by Dr. Seema, Dr. Valarmathi and Prof.Spandana faculty of the School of Legal Studies. The program commenced at 9.30 a.m. with an invocation song sung by Shivani and Tejashwini followed by the Principal of St.Francis De Sales College, Rev.Fr.Christopher Herold Crasta addressing the gathering. After the address paper presentations were made, the LLM students who presented papers were: Loganayaki.P on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, Shresth on Communal Violence, Amar on Gender –Bias, Vinay on Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace and Khadar on Environmental Protection. Later, a skit was performed depicting the various violences happening against women, and educating the audience as to how a woman must handle such situations along with the remedies available for such violences. Soon after the presentation was over, the forum was open for the students of St. Francis to interact with the LLM students and the faculty.

The second day of camp was jointly organised by the LL.M. students and the Social Impact Club of School of Legal Studies in association the Bangalore Rural District Legal Service Authority. The camp was held in the village of Hebbagodi, near Electronics City on the 8th of April, 2018. Gracing the occasion were four esteemed members of the Bar, six respected advocates and over a hundred and fifty volunteers which made the Legal Aid Camp a roaring success!
Sri. P. Krishna Bhat, Hon’ble Principal District and Sessions Judge and Chairman of DLSA, Bangalore Rural District kick-started proceedings by discussing various legal issues faced by rural women in this day and age. He also touched upon Child Rights and its legal provisions under the Indian law. In conclusion, he emphasized on the need for villagers and students to vote in the upcoming elections and to not tolerate the malpractices of politicians. Sri. A. P. Ranganath, President of Advocates Association, Bengaluru, our first Guest of Honor demonstrated the need for students of law to learn the kannada language if they wish to practice in Karnataka. He also reflected upon the problems faced by women in rural India and the duty of law students to help resolve the same. Rev. Fr. Christopher Herold Crasta, Principal, St. Francis De Sales Degree College praised the students of CMR University, School of Legal Studies for having taken up such an initiative and emphasized on the need for a legal aid camp at least once a week. To conclude, Prof. (Dr) T. R. Subramanya, Dean, CMR University, School of Legal Studies who presided over the event, applauded the faculty members and volunteers who helped organize this event.

Following the speeches by the esteemed Guests of Honor, members of the Theatre Club, CMR University, School of Legal Studies put together a stunning street play which centered around dowry system, domestic violence and female infanticide. Subsequently, Sri. Santhosh Hipparagi, Labor Officer, Sub- division 6, Bengaluru highlighted the benefits of labor laws, labor insurance and various Government schemes pertaining to the same. He also focused on the need to have an organized labor system in India. The members of the Performing Arts Club, CMR University, School of Legal Studies presented an exceptional dance performance after which Shri. Sunil S Hosamni addressed the students and villagers and advised them on various key issues regarding everyday life in a village and how adhering to the law can help them live a fruitful . The volunteers of the legal aid camp conducted a door- to- door survey in Hebbagodi village, near Electronics City, gathering information on various legal issues faced by the villagers and making them aware of the legal aid camp. To summarise, advocates of the Bar and faculty members of CMR University, School of Legal Studies provided legal aid and counselling to all the villagers who attended the legal aid camp. They assisted in resolving various issues including property disputes, divorce, domestic violence, harassment and others.