International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2018

 10.30am - 11.00am

 CMRU School od Legal Studies Campus

Event Type: Extra Curricular

Open to: All Students

Organized by: Theatre Club

International Women’s Day

CMRU – SOLS celebrates International Women’s Day in Style

The International Women’s day has been celebrated around the world, in recognition of ‘women’s rights’. The movement which started in the streets of New York found its route to the quadrangle of CMR school of Legal studies. The theatre club of the CMR School of Legal Studies (Tramedy), took the initiative to celebrate ‘ International women’s day 2018’, with the sole intention of projecting women as the ‘stronghold of our society’. The entire college actively participated in making the programme a success and a day worth remembering. The celebration began with a flash mob, with about 40 students dancing to the tune uniformly, and taking the entire college by surprise. Band performances by our own in house college bands: Articles 21, Beat Boys added to the celebration with great artistic intensity. The celebration concluded with a speech that emphasised on the importance of women’s rights and their equality in all spheres of our society.