Guest Lecture by Prof. M.K.Nagaraj on “Narco Analysis”

Aug 29, 2018

 10.30am - 12.00noon

 AV Hall, CMR Law School Campus

Event Type: Co Curricular

Open to: All Students

Organized by: Guest Lecture Club

Contact person: Prof. M.N. Vidya

Guest Lecture by Prof. M.K.Nagaraj on “Narco Analysis”

Dr. M.K. Nagaraj with is huge and diverse experience as an academician and (rtd) IPS officer augmented our students [fourth & final year BA LL.B, BBA LL.B and LL.B] on what is Narco analysis test, how the test is conducted, what are the other different investigation methods.

In his talk he discussed about Traditional method– First degree method / Interrogation method rules, Second degree method/Scientific method (Brain mapping test/p300 test, Polygraph test/Lie detector test, Narco analysis test/Serum test, Third degree method etc), Constitutional and legal aspects of Narco analysis test. He mentioned many landmark decisions relate to execution and adoption of different testing methods. He educated our students about the decriminalization of Narco analysis and its validity after 2010 judgement (Smt. Selvi & Ors. v. State of Karnataka).