Chancellor's Message

CMR Jnanadhara Trust has been set up with sound fundamentals and foundations. The dedicated services of the Trust to the community for more than a decade has nurtured various educational institutions.

The CMR Group of Institutions, which comprises more than a dozen sister concerns, has been built on the conviction of encouraging people to strive for the best and achieve new heights in progress and development. At CMR University School of Legal Studies, we consciously see the need for bringing about a reform in legal education by emphasising the need to bring in creative teaching methodology as we cater to the fortification of nation-building. I wish the principal, staff and students of School of Legal Studies great success and hope that we achieve more together, in the future.

Dr. K. C. Sabitha Ramamurthy
Hon’ble Chancellor, CMR University &
President, CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Dean's Message

The era of globalization expects everyone to be competitive. Hence, for the survival of any institution, excellence is the key to success. With this goal in mind the CMR University’s School of Legal Studies would strive to inculcate the best in every student, so that the excell in every endeavor of theirs and go on to become good citizens in the future.

Prof. (Dr.) T.R. Subramanya
Dean, School of Legal Studies
CMR University, Bengaluru