President's Message

CMR Jnanadhara Trust has been set up with sound fundamentals and foundations. The dedicated services of the Trust to the community for more than a decade has nurtured various educational institutions.

The CMR Group of Institutions, which comprises more than a dozen sister concerns, has been built on the conviction of encouraging people to strive for the best and achieve new heights in progress and development. At CMR University School of Legal Studies, we consciously see the need for bringing about a reform in legal education by emphasising the need to bring in creative teaching methodology as we cater to the fortification of nation-building. I wish the principal, staff and students of School of Legal Studies great success and hope that we achieve more together, in the future.

Dr. K. C. Sabitha Ramamurthy
President, CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Principal's Message

CMR University School of Legal Studies is dedicated to inculcate passion for legal education in students. It is an ideal institution which aspires to meet growing legal challenges. Our policy is to dispense quality and meaningful education and we believe in all-round development our learners, through a wide range of academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which reaches far beyond the classroom experience.

Fostering the finest legal minds, our underlying thought, articulates our zeal and commitment towards providing quality legal education. We endeavour to imbibe good moral principles and great human values in our students. Thus we contribute to equip the nation with the best citizens, who demonstrate a creative leadership, have the courage to take decisions, travel unexplored paths, manage success and failures, have nobility in management, be committed to work and succeed with integrity. The Institution boasts a strong faculty of highly qualified and committed scholars. Our School of Legal Studies welcomes you to share the responsibility of serving society in the field of law.

Dr. Pratima Prabhakar
Principal, CMR University School of Legal Studies