"Role and Functioning of Municipal Administration in India: Need for Legislative and Administrative Reforms in India"

The Webinar is being organised under the project “Codifying, Consolidating and Reforming the Urban Development laws in the State of Karnataka” granted by the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Government of Karnataka. The Webinar is being organised in association with CMR University, School of Legal Studies, Bengaluru. The Webinar aims to deliberate on the following themes –
1. Public Health and the Municipalities;
2. Municipal Governance and Smart City mission;
3. Financing ULBs: Making them financially stable and autonomous;
4. Reforming ULBs through legislative and policy action;
5. Financing Infrastructure and improving service delivery;
6. Managing Urban Commons;
7. Technology and Municipal Governance: What the State must do?
8. Water and Waste Management: Legislative and executive action and mission;
9. Natural and man-made disaster and epidemic management preparedness of ULBs.
10. Burial Grounds and land availability in urban and rural areas.

The programme would be held on Zoom Video conference.